Internet direct affiliate business programs

Real estate business opportunities in overseas property. Internet direct affiliate programs earn cash- real estate webmaster affiliate business programs opportunities.
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Internet direct affiliate business programs

Real Estate Direct Affiliate Business Programs

The Global Property Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new free direct affiliate programs for businesses and individuals wanting to earn extra income.

The GPG can provide completely unbranded details of all online properties direct to a page on the partner site or we can provide a FREE overseas property web site that displays the agents logo and business details.

Customers can search for and view properties without ever leaving the agents site.

At no time do they see our contact details or logo.

All enquiries are automatically registered to the agents and we follow them up as required.

All leads can be viewed in the agents section of this web site.

We do not require the agents to do anything with the enquiries as we have the required knowledge and experience to answer the questions and provide the relevant information to clients.

Agents can simple let their web sites and us do the work and wait for the commissions!

Contact us for a selection of current agents sites to view.

Internet Affiliate Business Programs

Alternatively, agents can simply link to our web site using a simple text link or a professionally designed banner; both are available free in the agents section of this site.

We track all traffic from these links and pay a very generous affiliate commission when a sale is made.

All your leads and activity from the affiliate business programs can also be monitored from within the agents section.

Sign up here for access to the links.

Direct Affiliate Programs Earn Cash

The affiliate business programs are primarily aimed at estate agents, financial advisors and individuals and organisations who know ABC1 individuals and property investors

However, the Internet real estate affiliate business program is open to anyone (as we can now provide a web site) who wants to earn extra income from home or work.

We are happy to explain in more detail how this is achieved and, more importantly, how much you can benefit, contact us on:

0044 (0)1457 833 083 or


or see Getting Started for affiliate programs

The Internet direct affiliate business programs are a genuine risk free business opportunity: there are no fees or hidden costs.

Webmasters Affiliate Programs

We think webmasters will find this one of the best web affiliate programs available and one of the highest paying affiliate programs. Webmasters will also find adding the free real estate search or direct web links to their web sites very easy. Other internet affiliates may require some guidance and we are happy to help as required.

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