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FSBO - For Sale By Owner - Rent or Sell Property Direct

Rent or sell your overseas property, with The Global Property Group FSBO for sale by owner commission free property advertising service.

Do you have an overseas property to sell or any property that may be relevant to our site visitors?

Would you like commission free property advertising and a FSBO - For Sale By Owner listing?

Create your FSBO login to sell or rent property here

We offer you the chance to advertise your property through this Web site on a FSBO basis. All you need to do is create an account and submit the property details and images.

Holiday homes, "overseas" properties for sale are most relevant to our site visitors but any property can be advertised in the FSBO section if you own the property (no agents).

For sale by owner FSBO means that the owner will be dealing with enquiries direct and we do not get involved in the process and make no charge when a FSBO property is sold.

FSBO and Full Service Levels:

  1. FSBO For Sale By Owner
    Simply create a login, select the service you want, and then add your FSBO property details to this site. You deal with all enquiries direct; we do not get involved.

  2. Full Property Resale Service - if you want more than the FSBO service we can actively promote your property, arrange inspection visits and viewing's for interested clients and take people to see your property. We also help clients with all aspects of the purchase from legal requirements to finance as require. We charge a commission on the selling price for this service. Contact us for more details.

FSBO restrictions - The property must be owned by you! This is not for estate agents, property consultants, realtors, etc. It is just for people who have their own overseas property or holiday home to sell.

It is open to any property type in any location.

Add up to 18 images to get the most interest in your property.

Your Unique FSBO Overseas Property For Sale Page

The unique URL/web address to your property:

You can easily direct potential customers to your property advert, FSBO property listing by using the simple web address of:


Where 12345 is your unique FSBO property ID. This will take people directly to your FSBO property for sale or rent.

That is: add...   ?ID=yourpropertyid   ... to our web address. There are no spaces in the address.

It is important to use this address whenever you can to promote your FSBO property listing.

Use it in emails and adverts on the web or other media. The more exposure your FSBO property gets the more chance you have of finding a buyer.


We reserve the right to decline to list a property.

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