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Overseas Investment Properties

Capital Gains Investment Property

Overseas Property Investing

Growing numbers of property investors are investing in foreign real-estate to make quick capital gains. The most popular way of doing this has been to buy property 'Off-Plan' at a discount to the current market price.

This is certainly one strategy that can be employed and using this, we can show our clients how they can make large capital gains in 18-24 month periods, however, we feel that by only employing this strategy, our clients are missing out on much larger, longer term benefits of foreign property ownership.

High Yield Property

We saw that by choosing high-yield, high quality properties in growth areas where there is a high rental demand, it would be possible for our clients to build significant property portfolios. Rather than adopting a 'buy and sell' mentality, we can show our investors why in the longer term the rewards for 'buy-to-let' are far greater.

Rental Income from Property

In the UK , 'buy-to-let' property investors are struggling to find properties that make economic sense. In simple terms, they are trying to find property where the expected rents cover the INTEREST ONLY MORTGAGE payments by 130%.

We can show our investors properties where the REPAYMENT MORTGAGE is covered by 200% (sometimes more).

Rental Guarantees

For the ultra-cautious, we can even show high specification, new build villas with rental guarantees (underwritten by banks) that the REPAYMENT MORTGAGE will be fully covered (for more information see Rental Guarantees).

All figures are for illustration purposes only and are not contractual.

Equity Release

In the UK, many buy-to-let investors cannot release the equity from their properties because of falling rental yields. We can show our clients properties where the rental yields are enough to cover equity release of twice the purchase value.

We look at investment property to have rental yields capable of supporting equity release of the entire original investment + 10% to allow the funds to be used for further property portfolio growth in the future.

In addition, all our investment properties are high quality (many are new-build), in prime locations and in areas of high annual residential property price growth; essential to facilitate equity release for future portfolio expansion.

Complete Service

At the GPG, we understand how daunting the prospect of buying and managing a portfolio of international property can appear. As part of our Portfolio Building Program, we are able to facilitate the entire process for you:
• Property selection and purchase (inspection flights if required)

• Conveyancing and legal work

• Arranging financing/mortgaging

• Property Management and Letting

• Property resale if desired

Contact us to find out more about our Property Portfolio Building Program.

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Overseas Investment Property


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