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selling property guide

Guide for Optimising Your Property

How to Get the Best Results

We want you to sell or rent your property so we have created the following guidelines to help get the most out of your listing on this site.

Link to your property

This is very important (probably the most important aspect), if you have other web sites, are placing adverts, sending emails, etc. use the unique link to your property listing so that people can easily find it.

Your unique link takes people directly to your property for sale or rent.

Once people have found your property in this site they can add it to their favourites and even email the details to themselves or others for future reference.

Potential clients are far more likely to enquire about a property if they see it 3 or more times. So the easier it is for them to find your property the more chances you have of getting the enquiry.

We allow links from your property details to your own dedicated property web site (if you have one) as long as it displays only your property for sale or rent. However you must also add a link from that site back to this site or our link checking software will automatically remove your link.

Email Your Property

You can use the email function on this site to email your property details to people. Either email from your property details page or you can add multiple properties to your "Favourites" and email them all.

NOTE: spamming from this site is forbidden and it is illegal in many Countries including where this site is hosted. Therefore, anyone who you are emailing must be expecting the email.

Property Type

It is unlikely that many people will search for "a cottage in Spain" so even if your property is a beautiful cottage in Spain it is probably better to describe it as a house, villa, finca or just a property as these are the words that people are going to be using in the Internet search engines.

Try to use the words in the description fields that you think people looking for your type of property will be using e.g. villa in 'town or village name' with pool, granny flat, sea views, etc. etc.

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Copy and Paste?

Please be aware that using the copy and paste function from applications such as Microsoft Word to paste text into the fields on web sites can cause problems. Sometimes the copy and paste will copy invisible characters or unknown characters to the web browse. These may display as small boxes or strange character combinations e.g. %20%@~.

If your property data does not display correctly please try typing in the information.

Language - Everyone Speaks English?

If you think your potential buyers may not use English as their first language it will really help to include some text in the relevant foreign languages. For example Russian buyers are now active in Turkey, Bulgaria, and parts of Italy, maybe more so than UK or European buyers.

This is because your potential clients will be using Internet search engines in their native language; so they will only find "a villa in spain for Sale" if it is written in their language e.g. casa en Espana.

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