Overseas Bridging Finance

The Global Property Group can offer Overseas Bridging Finance to help property purchases overseas
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Overseas Property Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance is a short term funding facility - which can have many uses:

  • Payment of inheritance tax
  • Business Acquisitions
  • Property Development
  • Overseas Property Purchasing
  • Cash Flow Projects
  • Stock Purchase
  • Development funding
  • Capital Raising
  • etc; etc.

Bridging Finance Benefits & Features

How we are different from the market place:

Time Scale to get Bridging Finance

Phone call to discuss application with customer - 2 hours
Application to  written offer normally within 4 hours
Fully packaged cases often funded within 24 hours

Bridging Finance Made Simple

No - Confusing rates "from" (just one rate of 1.25% per month*)
No - Maximum loan size
No-  Small Print
No-  Accounts - self declaration of income is acceptable
No - Bank statements
No - Cash Flows
No-  Projections
No - Red Tape

* correct at time of publishing, subject to change. Contact us for an exact quote.

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