Capo Vaticano Calabria Area Information

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Capo Vaticano Calabria Area Information
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Article by: Chris Dunkerley Published: 18/06/2008

Capo Vaticano Properties For Sale Calabria and general area information

Capo Vaticano is one of the most beautiful parts of the Italian coast line. It may not be as well known as Tuscany, lake Garda, or the Amalfi Coast but it is just as breathtaking (perhaps more so) and well worth a visit. The sea is crystal clear, there are steep cliffs that drop directly into the sea forming many small coves. The area is popular with yacht and boat owners and charter companies but even in June and July one can find a beach or cove with very few or no other people on it. Divers and snorkelers will fall in love with Capo Vaticano and the surrounding area as the clear waters team with fish and sea life. The local restaurants make the most of this natural bounty with fresh fish dishes on most menus.

I am not able to fully do justice to the beauty of the area with a short article so please have a look at the images of Capo Vaticano that are displayed on

There are also some fantastic properties for sale in Capo Vaticano but you will need a good budget! Forget the idea of finding cheap Calabria property for sale in Capo Vaticano as the area has been a favourite holiday home location for wealthy northern Italians for many years. Price however is almost irrelevant when it comes to some of the sea view villas for sale in Capo Vaticano. This is because new (and more tightly enforced) planning regulations and a very limited availability of land mean that the existing sea view properties are in high demand and virtually no supply.

However a few sea view villas do come onto the open market and as an example there is a lovely villa perched right on the side of the cliff at Capo Vaticano available for offers around 1.6 million euro. This in my mind is a bargain as the property can never be replicated and it has an unobstructed sea and beach view that will simply take your breath away. The vendor could easily ask for 2 million or perhaps more as if you want a property in Capo Vaticano with arguable the best view available then there is no alternative and there is unlikely to be anything similar on the market for some time.

For people that have slightly more modest budgets there are villas that can be found slightly inland with limited sea views for a lot less. The is also a new development of very modern designed villas being released nearby with stunning views and these will be around 600,000 euro or they can be configured into 2 units (1 per floor) for approximately 325,000 euro each. The exact price will depend on the internal specification the buyer wants: kitchen, internal layout, etc.

If I had to find a negative point with the property in Capo Vaticano it would be the access to the area is not very good. It takes around 1.5 - 2 hours from Lamezia Terme or Reggio Calabria. The roads are just not quite adequate for the summer tourists and property owners so it can be slow going to get around. This however is just the July and August period and the rest of the year there are not very many cars on the roads. The access, although and issue for some, is also a blessing for others as it has kept the area out of the gaze of mass tourism and many of the northern Europeans overseas property buyers. This has kept prices quite realistic for the type of property on offer. Villas for over a million euro in Calabria may not sound realistic to some but compared with many other areas in Europe it still represents a bargain. If you doubt this I urge you to visit Capo Vaticano to see the beaches, clear blue sea and some of the stunning villas that have been built there.

For more information on property in Capo Vaticano, Calabria please contact us... or perhaps contact your local holiday consultant and book your next vacation in this beautiful area of Calabria and then have a look at some of the stunning properties for sale at Capo Vaticano.


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