Why I made Altinkum My Home

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Why I made Altinkum My Home
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Article by: mike.dunkerley@thegpg.com (Mike Dunkerley) Published: 06/03/2010

Why I made Altinkum my home. Property in Altinkum for sale is best value on the coast.

Why I made Altinkum my Holiday Home.

I purchased my villa in Altinkum in 2008. I chose Altinkum because, without compromising on quality, Altinkum property prices were about the lowest to be found anywhere in the Med. What is more the ongoing costs of living in Turkey are minimal. My local taxes are only £30 a year. However, my decision was not just about money – Altinkum has as much to offer as any other resort and a lot more than some.

Altinkum translates into ‘Golden Sands’. This is why the resort exists in the first place. It has the best sandy beaches of any resort on the Aegean coast. It has safe bathing for all ages from tiny tots to grandparents. The waves are gentle and the beaches slope very gradually into the sea. You can walk out for up to 100 mtrs and still touch the sandy bottom. Families love the place.

Like any busy resort there are parts of Altinkum seafront and town where the nightlife carries on loudly well into the night, so if that does not suit then there are quieter areas to live in. Altinkum is big enough to offer different environments to suit all tastes.

There is a large permanent British community in Altinkum and we are made to feel very welcome. For me this is important because if I am going to spend large chunks of time soaking up the Turkish sunshine I also want to be sure of having people to chat to. I intend to learn Turkish but it will take a long time before I can discuss the TV news with locals in their own tongue!

When buying a property in Altinkum, money has a central position – unfortunately. What is surprising about Altinkum property for sale is the prices are so much lower than in the older established resorts up and down the Turkish coast. To the south around Bodrum and to the north around Kusadasi property prices are twice as high. How long can it be before Altinkum properties for sale reach the same level? The new marina in Altinkum suggests not very long.

I watched the new Altinkum marina being built. In the beginning there was no clue as to just how big or indeed how smart it was going to be. Now it is open it is as spectacular as any marina I have ever seen and it is starting to fill up with luxury yachts and power boats. You can sit in the Altinkum harbour cafe watching the comings and goings or browse in the new luxury shops.

To compliment the new Altinkum marina a new dual carriage way road has been built from the outskirts of town, bypassing the spectacular Temple of Apollo. The temple area is scheduled to be ‘pedestrianised’ thus giving this important and well preserved monument a more appropriate setting. When this is added to the constant smaller improvements being made all over the town then a picture emerges of a resort preparing itself for a better and more confident future.

I don’t own a car but from my location I can walk to the three main Altinkum beaches in about 20 minutes. If I don’t want to walk then I can catch the local Dolmus (bus). These little mini buses run every few minutes and serve all areas of the town. If I want to visit picturesque Yesilkent and its sandy beach then the ride takes 15 minutes depending on how many stops it has to make. The quieter resort of Akbuk is just 20 minutes away. Property in Akbuk is also very reasonably priced with large detached villas available for the sort of money that would get an apartment in other European coastal resorts.

Altinkum is serviced by two airports – Izmir and Bodrum. I usually fly into Izmir directly from either Gatwick (with BA) or Heathrow (with KTHY). Both these airlines offer year round service whereas Bodrum operates regular direct flights in the summer months only. On balance KTHY is the least expensive airline.

From Altinkum many ancient and interesting sites are accessible as day trips. Militos, Priene, Effes are just some and in other articles I will talk about about them.

After 2 years of owning property in Altinkum I can say that I am happy with my decision. I would also say that when buying a property in Altinkum it is vitally important that you deal with people you can trust.

Contact The Global Property Group and talk to people who know what they are doing because we have actually done it, live and work in the area, and can advise from first hand experience.

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Please contact the author at mike.dunkerley@thegpg.com for more information.

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